The San Francisco Bay Area

Originally from Long Beach, I came to live in the Bay Area at the age of 22.  At first, I felt very out of place, and for several years wondered if I would stay.  Eventually I took a job that required me to randomly drive long distances to different job sites.  Being no stranger to traffic, I would spend hours staring out the window.  I was constantly amazed that I would go from flat land, to rolling hills, to metropolitan skylines, to seacliffs  in a single afternoon.  I have met people from all walks of life, everyone existing in a rich, multicultural heritage that makes this area special.  This is probably why I started focusing on portraits, I'm obsessed with skin tones!  The "Her Daughters" series is inspired by the women that I have met.  Each woman that I am painting is so unique, so beautiful, and so perfectly representing their home, the Bay Area.  Stay tuned to meet them, and see their beauty through my eyes.  :)