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36" x 48" Acrylic on stretched canvas

BAPHOMEPSTEIN was a result of the rage that I have felt over the past two years regarding the information surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, his horrendous actions, and his suspicious death.  I wanted something that depicted him as truly evil, but also to show that he might have been the fall-guy for something even bigger.  The image of Baphomet was not originally created to be an image of Satanism, but was made as an accusation towards the Knights Templar.  His arms have been removed in reference to the famous sculpture of Venus De Milo, which was made to honor Aphrodite.  The goddess has been described to be vain, self-absorbed, cunning, and jealous.  Those traits seemed to fit what I know of Epstein.  The background is pink in honor of his victims, the MeToo movement, and women everywhere.  He has a colectomy scar, just like myself, to show that evil can look like anyone, and it is the responsibility of all of us to stop it.

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